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Talent & Skill As A Service

Technology creates newer Disruptions & Enterprises seek a Transition to Emerging Trends. Talent needs Job-Readiness & Workforce must become a Specialized Marketplace of Skills. Know-How needs a Show-How Acumen.

Whether you need Talent On Demand to Recruit (or) Employable Skill-sets, Yaksha Is Online for You!

Get Skilled & Get Billed


Skill & Scale

Use Yaksha to Skill your Employees. Eventually they will Scale to meet your Business Demands

Precision & Performance

Our Platform is AI Powered. A Highly Available and Resilient Cluster of Systems ensure Performance coupled with Precision

Experience & Expertise

We strive to offer Visually/Functionally a fulfilling Experience using our Expertise of Customer/Learner Centric Philosophy

Secure & Stable

Yaksha is built using Saas & PaaS Data Protection & Privacy compliant Architecture. Containerized Services ensure Stable Usage Patterns

Automated Recruitment Solutions


of the Recruitment Processes using Yaksha Online. Roll-Out offers Virtually.Plug and Play Instances for Interviewers & CandidatesUse Visually rich and engaging Dashboards to manage Talent Pool

Trade Craft You Need

  • video Live Video Proctoring

    Plug in our platform and watch how your Candidate performs. Use uniterrupted video analysis to test the Integrity of your Candidates

    video Live Video Proctoring
  • game Gamified Whiteboards

    Whiteboards for Q & A's between Panels and Candidates. Monitor live responses with a Web Proctored Secure Platform

    game Gamified Whiteboards
  • interview Automated Interview Calls
    • Schedule SME/HR/Business Head etc and Candidates for meticulous and planned interviews.
    • Block mutually inclusive Calendars at the Click of your Mouse
    • Mobile Friendly Messages, Mailers and IM Presence to coordinate seamless Interview Sessions
    interview Automated Interview Calls
  • features Features
    • Video Conferencing / Proctoring
    • Secure Whiteboards (To be used as Workspaces during Interviews)
    • Calendar Blocking
    • Talent Pool Oriented Business Dashboards
    • AI Powered Candidate Profiling
    • Communication Services
    features Features

Skill Development & Evaluation (SKIDE)

Cipher Nation is here!

Auto-grade Full Stack Applications. Reap the benefits of 60 odd Compilers. Build native CI/CD pipes, Headless Containerization and Source Code Management with Yaksha App-forms

Problems We Solve

  • autograde Auto-Grade Apps, Code Re-factoring

    Build Mobile Friendly / Web apps on any software architecture under the supervision of Web Proctored Systems. Get it Tested for Industry Standard Metrics. Prove that your code can be Logical, Functional and Compliably Efficient

    autograde Auto-Grade Apps, Code Re-factoring
  • storyboard Story Boards

    AI powered Deep Code/App Analysis. Build a Proficiency Index of a Candidate or Cohorts using our BI Tools. Customer friendly Dashboards and Format friendly Reports

    storyboard Story Boards
  • code code-pe diem

    Take part in Hack-Stack Coding Summits. Co-Develop Software with Peers and Leaders in the Industry. Automate App Testing using Yaksha's Development Engines. Take home our "Badge Of Honor"

    code code-pe diem
  • features Features
    • Auto Evaluation of Applications
    • Web Proctoring
    • Headless Browser Friendly IDEs
    • Dynamic Web Testing
    • Recommendation Engine Based Reports
    • Communication Services
    • Business Workflow Automation
    • Visually Rich Dashboards
    • GDPR Compliant
    • Secure Customer Tenants
    features Features
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Talent Acquisition

Campus To Cubicle

Hire when you need the most. Identify Talent or Skill it on a Need-Basis. Yaksha helps you roll out Assessments en-masse. Zero In on the most wanted Talent with compelling Leaderboards.

Solutions We Give

  • talent Talent On Demand

    Name the Input Criterias for Candidate Selection. Experience the benefits of a a World Class Integrated Platform for Graduate Skill Enhancement

    talent Talent On Demand
  • hire Hire, Train & Deploy
    • Customer Centric Training & Commercial Methodologies.
    • Assured Learning Curve in Emerging Technologies.
    • World Class Mentoring
    hire Hire, Train & Deploy
  • features Features
    • Mentors On Demand (Scheduled or On-The Fly)
    • Leaderboards
    • Geographical Clusters & Real Time Orientation
    features Features
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